Content of Customizing WordPress — Video tutorials:

  1. Here we show you how create a child theme in WordPress.
  2. Here we show you how user Chrome Developers Tools to find and modify your components with CSS.
  3. Here we show you how to start overriding templates in your child theme.
  4. Here we show you how to create a re-useable page template or override an individual page template.
  5. Here we explain the basics of the WordPress loop and we begin to understand how WordPress outputs its content.
  6. Here we explain the basics of the WordPress functions.php template.
  7. Here we write and troubleshoot our first function in our functions.php template and show you how to add a JavaScript file to your theme.
  8. Here we troubleshoot our function, user the WordPress Codex, and write a hook to run our function.
  9. Here we add a new widget area to our theme.
  10. Here we find out how to display our new widget area on our site by adding it to our templates.
  11. Here we add a new menu area and show how to display it in your templates.
  12. Here we create a new theme with the Underscores Starter Theme.
  13. Here we dive deeper into the Underscores starter theme and learn about how the theme is constructed and what it offers.
  14. Here we give an introduction and get set up with the Bones Starter Theme.
  15. Here we get up and running using Sass and checking out Bones’ files and structure.